The Problem

Children and young people are among those worse affected by family poverty. In 2015/16, 2.9 million children lived in absolute poverty. Many young people in today’s society derive their ideals about money and wealth from social media and the music industry. As children begin to form their attitudes and habits towards money from 7 years old, materialism and a false sense of wealth have become commonplace among our youth. It is challenging for young people to avoid making the same mistakes that adults make when, in many cases, there is little example of positive role modelling concerning money and sound financial management.

The Solution

Money Talks Education strongly believe that all children and young people need a solid foundation in financial education. Developing a good understanding of money, wealth and good financial management will provide them with the tools to make more informed decisions. Teaching children about the consequences of poor financial management and demystifying money and wealth will provide them with the right skill set to avoid a lot of the issues that adults in our society currently face.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce or enhance children and young people’s understanding of financial education, financial freedom and the importance of leaving a secure financial legacy for future generations.

What we do

Engagement, interactivity and relevance are the key foundations of our Financial Education workshops for schools and community groups and can be tailored to suit the needs of the school, different year groups, different timetables and all with minimal teacher involvement. Our financial educators have a background in education and experience of working with children and young people in an impactful way. Money will affect all young people, whether they leave school, attend university and have to manage their student loans, or they take up an apprenticeship and receive their first salary at a young age. Our workshops are delivered in a fun and informative way for any target audience.

In 2017, Money Talks Education successfully delivered financial education workshops impacting over 150 young people and adults in a variety of settings. Our workshops included a one day session to sixth form students at Linklaters Law Firm, student societies at King’s College London, a parent session for those on the Parent Power programme in Lambeth and Southwark, as well as numerous sessions for the wider community.

Our interactive workshops introduce children and young people to:

  • Creating a wealthy mindset and understanding how your mindset determines your success
  • Financial concepts such as compound interest and the difference between assets and liabilities
  • Sparking entrepreneurship and supporting students to identify their unique skills that can be leveraged
  • The basics of savings and investments
  • Budget management systems
  • The importance of long term savings and thinking about the future
  • The difference between wants and needs
  • Goal setting and future planning
  • How to run a monthly household budget


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